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  • Andrew Thiele

    Andrew comes from a family of real estate agents and has been in real estate and property since 1991. He’s been an agent himself all over the world, including heading up a sales team in the West End of London. Having been back in New Zealand for several years now, he’s bought and sold countless properties as well as developed a particular knowledge of the Auckland & Christchurch property markets.

    Andrew’s always had a passion to help people sell their homes and began developing a ‘do-it-yourself’ system several years ago – which has evolved into The Property Coach.

    Email: andrew@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian Spada

    Sebastian moved to New Zealand in 2010 and boasts 20+ years of commercial experience across different sectors. With large international experience across New Zealand, South America, USA and Europe, it was during his time in Spain that he founded a successful real estate agency, focused on providing its customers with a top-quality service and producing countless happy buyers and sellers.

    It was in Europe also where he discovered that property owners could, with the right coaching, sell their properties privately and save thousands, and decided to apply this idea to the New Zealand market, where he met Andrew and discovered The Property Coach system.

    Apart from his global real estate and commercial acumen, Sebastian enjoys travelling, doing sports and loves helping people achieve their goals. He also loves spending time with his beautiful family, with his wife Cos, and his three wonderful children, Matilda, Lorenzo and Salvador.

    If you live in Auckland and are thinking of selling privately, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sebastian today, for a free no obligation consultation.

    Email: sebastian@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Lynne

    Lynne McAra Clark

    I have known and worked alongside Andrew over more than 30 years and began working at The Property Coach firstly as a photographer.

    I’ve been so impressed by the business and how it operates to empower sellers, that I have now become one of the coaches.

    My background is in the service industry but also in creative projects, including photography, interiors and gardening and of course I love property! I look forward to assisting you in your private sale adventure.

    Email: lynne@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Garrath

    Garrath Glass

    As a sports coach and entrepreneur, I’ve enjoyed a rich and varied career running businesses in unique places. Whether running tennis academies in South Africa and Dubai, developing luxury surf villas and a travel agency on the south coast of Sri Lanka – I’ve always been in the business of bringing people joy.

    With our beautiful twin girls fast approaching school age, my Cantabrian wife and I knew it was time to complete our Sri Lankan adventure, and we decided to put down roots in the Garden City.

    I found kiwis fascination with property infectious, which led me to pursue a career as a Real Estate Agent.

    When I first met Andrew Thiele and learned about The Property Coach model it just clicked, I loved the idea of empowering and supporting homeowners to sell their own homes. The “Robin Hood” ethos of the business aligned perfectly with my values and was another opportunity to be in the business of joy.

    Everything property from architectural design, building construction, the possibilities of generational security, it all fascinates me, and helping my clients sell privately and seeing them save thousands is a big bonus.

    Email: garrath@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Bronwyn

    Bronwyn Hallot

    Meet Bronwyn, a dynamic individual with a personal and family history deeply embedded in the world of real estate. Bronwyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her passion for helping people in general and now especially with those who would like to sell privately. Her keen eye for design, presentation and background in interior design will only enhance her clients experience.

    Her unique perspective can not only enhance a property but make them irresistible to potential buyers.

    A peoples person at heart, her genuine enthusiasm for connecting with others and understanding their needs sets her apart. Whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned seller, Bronwyn is passionate about this new private sale format therefore assisting individuals in achieving their real estate goals.

    Her commitment to you goes beyond the successful outcome of your private sale; she sees each interaction as an opportunity to build lasting relationships and that’s what we all do as trusted members of “The Property Coach” .

    Beyond the world of property, Bronwyn finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. You’ll often catch her enjoying time with her friends, husband, children and grandchildren or cycling while exercising the dog. Lost in the pages of a good book, sharing and enjoying insights with Book club companions, or as an author, being somewhere in the process of writing and editing her books for publication. Her garden is a space where she finds tranquillity and inspiration.

    Bronwyn is proud to be supporting her client base throughout the Wairarapa and Hutt Valley areas. She would love to come join you for a coffee and tell you all about this new and exciting way for you to sell your home.

    Email: bronwyn@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Chantelle


    Chantelle brings a diverse background in IT, business and sports community coaching to her role. Her passion for helping people achieve their goals is evident in her alignment with The Property Coach ‘do-it-yourself’ process.

    Her aim is empowering her clients to sell privately and therefore saving thousands in commission, while providing continuous support throughout the private house sale process. Hailing from a Chinese-Fijian background, Chantelle thrives on creating connections with people, fostering inclusivity and appreciating diversity. Witnessing the positive outcomes of her support brings her great joy, and she is committed to making a meaningful impact by ensuring everyone has access to the resources and support essential for the private selling process.

    With a deep love for all things property, including how to present your home in the best way possible, Chantelle finds immense satisfaction in assisting her clients to achieve the result they desire. Based in Auckland, she looks forward to meeting with you to discuss this innovative but more attractive approach to selling your home.

    Email: chantelle@thepropertycoach.nz

  • Malakai

    Des Malakai

    Des Malakai has been a top selling real estate agent, leadership professional and mentor for over 15 years. After spending some time travelling abroad, he is now back in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. Des is passionate about the way he serves, which now includes utilising his vast real estate knowledge to empower owners to sell their own property with this fantastic new supportive approach for private sellers.

    Des’s confident and friendly nature, coupled with his highly developed work ethic, make him a desirable resource for all seeking to have an experienced industry coach to sell their own homes.

    Des will make the journey easy and is motivated to provide a high standard of customer service, ensuring his clients receive the best possible experience and outcome they desire.

    Email: des@thepropertycoach.nz

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