A True Story In late 2021 the post covid market in Christchurch was still pretty strong, lots of buyers and prices still reaching good heights. I was asked by a good friend to help her bid for her son at an onsite auction here in Christchurch, they were stuck in

Why Auctions are good for agents? I am still disenchanted by the tactics of especially the larger real estate groups, when it comes to pushing Auctions on their clients. The whole focus from these companies is to get paid faster. If you sell your home by Auction, it costs you

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Why do we help Private Sellers?

You might be asking why The Property Coach wants to help private sellers avoid huge commissions. The truth is I have been in real estate sales for 30 years both here in NZ and for a few years based in London UK. I found it increasingly difficult to justify the

Commission Calculator

Commission comparison calculator

Use this simple calculator to compare what we charge you to what you would pay using an agent.


Estimated Commission: $23,862.50*

Our Price: $5,692.50 (Incl GST and Marketing*)
Saving you $18,170

* as per our inclusive package.

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* Calculation based on commission: $19,750.00 + GST: $3,112.50 + Marketing: $1000. This calculator is indicative only , some agents use two % depending on sale price , some use the same % across the total sale price, further, some companies have an admin charge as well added on top, the marketing we allocated is very conservative at $1000 it can be anything with some companies even as much as 4,000 and this is paid upfront.

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