How it works

How it Works

Our simple 7 step process (in conjunction with one of our coaches) gives you the best chance at achieving a great result when it comes to selling your property. Past clients have experienced amazing results and all have commented on how simple the process was. Book a free consultation today to get on your way.

  • Sale types & legal info

    There are many types of ways to sell your property and choosing the right one for your property is important. During this stage we’ll discuss each sale type and also what legal aspects you’ll need to start considering in preparation for selling your property.

    + What we’ll cover
    • Which type of sale will suit your property? What are the time frames for each, can we accept and offer prior, how and in what circumstances?
      • NPM
      • Auction
      • Deadline Sale
      • Tender
      • Priced
      • No Price
    • What will you need to ask your lawyer for or about?
    • Are you the legal owner? Are you allowed to sell?
    • What is the best time of year to sell or is that even an issue?
    • What documents will I need to market my property in the best way?
    • Is a LIM important?
    • Is a building report necessary?
    • What EQC info is needed (if applicable)? Is it applicable?
    • Who prepares and provides a sale and purchase agreement?
    • What items or chattels in the house are automatically included in the sale and what are optional?
    • What is the legal definition and state of my property? Freehold, cross lease, unit title? Does it have any easements to consider? Should you provide a copy of the Title?
    • What should I know about my section size and shape and driveway access?
    • How should I prepare the Property Pack to provide buyers with?
    • As a private seller what legal disclosures, if any, will I need to state to a potential buyer.

  • Presenting your property

    Presentation of your property is hugely important and not just in the obvious ways. With any sale, private or with an agency, presentation and then photography is what ultimately brings buyers. Decluttering and de-personalising are very important, as well as how your home looks upon arrival to the property.

    + What we’ll cover
    • What do I need to present and how?
    • What does your property look like from the street and what can be done to improve first impressions?
    • What personal items should stay and what should be removed?
    • How can I add real value to my property without spending up large or perhaps at all?
    • What (if any) pre-sale maintenance or renovations should I do?
    • How much time should I spend on the gardens and outdoors?

  • Marketing

    A vital and most important part of any sale process, there are so many options and things to consider. But no matter what, this is your opportunity to bring your property to market and to seek as many buyers as you can and make them compete!

    + What we’ll cover
    • How do I market in the most effective way?
    • Is a fast sale process a consideration?
    • Motivation of the seller, is this important?
    • The ability for a buyer to buy, is this integral?
    • How do I write the content for specific adverts? What should I say and what can’t I say?
    • Should I use professional photography or do my own?
    • Is videography a good idea?
    • Should I use a drone?
    • Should I use signage? Where and what should go on it?
    • Are flyers a good idea?
    • Letter box drops - are these really necessary? Should I let my neighbours know?
    • Online advertising websites, which ones and should you always go for premium listings?
    • How much does the online sites charge and how?

  • Open Homes & Private Viewings

    This is not as scary as you may first think, in-fact our clients really enjoy the experience. You do need to be prepared though and this is what makes the difference.

    + What we’ll cover
    • How should I prepare for an Open Home? What special things should be in place?
    • What is the plan for registering buyers or offering further property info (the info pack)?
    • How should I present my property for open homes?
    • What are the fundamental things to think about when hosting an open home?
    • Do you need to be the host and can you have back up?
    • What time of day and which days of the week are best and how long should an Open Home go for?
    • What is considered appropriate access during an open home?
    • How should I respond to questions on price and property problems or faults or anything that may change the opinion of the buyer?
    • What should you say and what should you not?
    • When should you schedule private viewings or second viewings?
    • Should you allow a keen buyer to complete a valuation or building report?
    • What are buyers actually interested in seeing?
    • Do you have to sell or use salesperson language to a buyer during the Open Home?
    • Where should I place Open Home signs (provided by us)? What is legal in their placement?
    • Should you bake bread for the oven or brew coffee? Do you light fires?
    • Who should be at the Open home and who should not?
    • What local activities or neighbouring properties might impact on viewing times?

  • Communication with Buyers

    Very important that the communication with all potential buyers is the same in content and timely in reply. This includes by email or phone or text and above all it needs to be genuine and honest.

    + What we’ll cover
    • How available should you be and in what way is best for general first contacts by buyers?
    • What is the optimal response times for emails or calls or texts?
    • What do you say and when?
    • Do you ever talk price?
    • Do you have to answer all enquiry?
    • Are you expected to have all the answers always?
    • Less is sometimes more in the way we reply (It maybe important to double check with your coach before you hit send)
    • When should you provide the Property Pack, at what point?
    • How do you explain the offer process to a buyer (depending on the style of sale you chose)?
    • What steps do you need to follow prior to an offer deadline or tender or auction time?
    • If your Deadline or Auction is moved forward how do we manage that?

  • Sale Day

    Depending on the style of Sale you chose there will be slightly different activity on the day but leading up to the day will be very similar.

    + What we’ll cover
    • What day of the week should I choose and what time?
    • What are my responsibilities?
    • What communications will need to be made?
    • Final inspections and when should they stop?
    • Do I and any other legal owners need to be available?
    • How long should I allow for the sale time?

  • Confirmation period & handover

    This is the period post acceptance of an offer leading to and /or a confirmation and period leading to moving out.

    + What we’ll cover
    • Will I need to allow continued access to the property for further reports?
    • Is the buyer entitled to further inspections past confirmation of the sale?
    • Where does the deposit go and when is it paid?
    • Will I have to provide further info during a conditional offer period?
    • On moving day when do you move and when is it legally the new owner’s property?
    • How do you manage key exchange?
    • When do you deal with your services like power, wifi , gas etc?
    • How do rates and insurance get sorted out?
    • How do you leave the property?