How it works

How it Works

Our simple 7 step process (in conjunction with one of our coaches) gives you the best chance at achieving a great result when it comes to selling your property. Past clients have experienced amazing results and all have commented on how simple the process was. Book a free consultation today to get on your way.

  • Sale types & legal info

    There are many types of ways to sell your property and choosing the right one for your property is important. During this stage we’ll discuss each sale type and also what legal aspects you’ll need to start considering in preparation for selling your property.

  • Presenting your property

    Presentation of your property is hugely important and not just in the obvious ways. With any sale, private or with an agency, presentation and then photography is what ultimately brings buyers. Decluttering and de-personalising are very important, as well as how your home looks upon arrival to the property.

  • Marketing

    A vital and most important part of any sale process, there are so many options and things to consider. But no matter what, this is your opportunity to bring your property to market and to seek as many buyers as you can and make them compete!

  • Open Homes & Private Viewings

    This is not as scary as you may first think, in-fact our clients really enjoy the experience. You do need to be prepared though and this is what makes the difference.

  • Communication with Buyers

    Very important that the communication with all potential buyers is the same in content and timely in reply. This includes by email or phone or text and above all it needs to be genuine and honest.

  • Sale Day

    Depending on the style of Sale you chose there will be slightly different activity on the day but leading up to the day will be very similar.

  • Confirmation period & handover

    This is the period post acceptance of an offer leading to and /or a confirmation and period leading to moving out.

Commission Calculator

Commission comparison calculator

Use this simple calculator to compare what we charge you to what you would pay using an agent.


Estimated Commission: $23,862.50*

Our Price: $5,692.50 (Incl GST and Marketing*)
Saving you $18,170

* as per our inclusive package.

Ready to save that commission?

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* Calculation based on commission: $19,750.00 + GST: $3,112.50 + Marketing: $1000. This calculator is indicative only , some agents use two % depending on sale price , some use the same % across the total sale price, further, some companies have an admin charge as well added on top, the marketing we allocated is very conservative at $1000 it can be anything with some companies even as much as 4,000 and this is paid upfront.

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